Anusca Palace is not only a Hotel but also a wellness centre, where everyone can build their own personal experience of well-being, relaxation and fun.

Would you like to enrich your stay with extra rest, well-being and happiness? Anusca Palace Hotel is ready to welcome you and provide everything you need, including a spacious and never-crowded spa.

Just a stone's throw from the gate of the Hotel, the Terme di Castel San Pietro has been uniting water and well-being since 1870. Our thermal waters have recognised therapeutic properties, particularly effective for arthritis, and respiratory and dermatological issues.

Spazio Anusca is also open to outside guests upon reservation.

Indoor swimming pool and water massage

At 8x8 metres and 1.25 metres deep, the indoor pool allows for a pleasant swim in any season, or a nice rest by the pool while enjoying the view of the garden.

Both spa pools have massage water jets. Measuring 6x2 metres, the smaller pool is perfect for relaxing with friends and colleagues.

Beauty Centre

The Anusca Beauty Centre is a place to indulge in a moment of relaxation and pleasure, pampered by our highly qualified Beauty Therapists.
All-inclusive wellness: appearance is important, but we never limit ourselves to purely aesthetic treatments. We will customize your experience based on your goals, from diet to makeup choices. 

Our Services:Massages, Body and Facial Treatments
We offer free personalized consultations, check out our special offers on treatments.